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Chatting to your child can be one of the most effective ways for them to improve their speech and language. In this YouTube series, Weekend Words, our Speech and Language Therapy team will demonstrate key language strategies for you to try at home. View this video for ideas on how you can help your...

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Introduction People with a learning disability may communicate in a range of different ways. Some people use spoken language, some people may communicate in other ways, such as signing, objects, pictures, facial expressions, or body language. Often, it is a combination of all of these. Lots of...

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What is a social story? A social story is a short story that has been written in a specific style and format. It describes what happens in a specific social situation or upcoming event. Social stories can also be used to support teaching new skills such as toilet training or dressing. Social stories...

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Social communication Children of this age will probably be using facial expressions to communicate how they feel and use eye contact and looking as a way of interacting. They should start to show more interest in sharing in activities like a toy, a book or a physical game, with another person for...

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By 2 years old children should be building on their earlier skills of looking, reaching, pointing and using facial expressions. They can also enjoy sharing interactions with others for longer periods of time. The words they understand and use should continue to grow, with short sentences emerging...

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This is a huge year for development and your baby will be growing and changing in so many ways. Here are some of the communication skills you can expect to see over the first year. Social communication Throughout their first year of life babies become more interested in others and recognise people...

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By 3 years old we would typically see children showing awareness of and interest in adults and other children. They should be able to understand and follow daily routines and instructions, and be putting words together to ask for things, answer questions and tell people about things. Social...

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What are speech tests? When checking your child’s hearing and hearing aids we might need to do speech testing. This is not to test how they speak but instead how well they hear speech sounds. We may do this with their hearing aids and without. To do a speech test your child will need to…...

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Listening tactics can be used for children with mild hearing loss, fluctuating hearing loss and for children who have listening difficulties. Your child may experience difficulties with: Following spoken instructions and conversation. Following fast paced speech. Detecting subtle speech differences...

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