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Resource Type: Article

This resource has been designed to help you remember the exercises and advice the therapist went through with you whilst in hospital. Children and young people that have changes to their muscle tone and their functional abilities pre operatively will likely require greater input when having a spica...

Resource Type: Article

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Resource Type: Article

Hereditary spastic paraplegia (HSP) is a general term for a group of rare inherited disorders that cause weakness and stiffness in the leg muscles. Estimates range from 1 in 11,000 people to 1 in 77,000 people. Symptoms will vary from person to person. What does HSP look like? Symptoms usually...

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Resource Type: Article

What is peripheral neuropathy? Your doctor will have explained to you that you have a condition that has a medical name known as a ‘peripheral neuropathy’. There are lots of conditions with different names that are all types of peripheral neuropathies. A peripheral neuropathy is a...

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This resource is about the use of Zolgensma (onasemnogene abeparvovec) for spinal muscular atrophy. Your child has been offered treatment with Zolgensma for spinal muscular atrophy (SMA). Zolgensma is only available at a few hospitals across the UK. Your child’s infusion centre is Sheffield...

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Resource Type: Article

Why is hip reconstruction surgery necessary? Children who have difficulty standing and walking are at increased risk of hip problems. The hip joint is made up of a ball and a socket. Reduced standing and walking can lead to the shape of the hip developing differently increasing the risk of the ball...

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Resource Type: Article

This resource has been designed to help you remember the exercises and advice the therapist went through with you whilst in hospital. The exercises should be done slowly and smoothly. Some discomfort may be noted whilst doing these exercises after surgery. If pain is limiting doing the exercises,...

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Resource Type: Article

Teeth care for children and youngsters with neuromuscular conditions This information has been put together by the Neuromuscular Service at Sheffield Children’s Foundation NHS Trust and Charles Clifford Dental Hospital. We hope it will provide you with some useful information, resources and...

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Resource Type: Article

The Neuromuscular service based at Ryegate Children’s Centre provides care and support to children and their families with disorders of nerves, muscles and related conditions. We provide a specialist service to children, young people and their families who live in the city of Sheffield, South...

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