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How do the frames work? To help limb correction to take place, the metal frame is attached around your child’s limb. This is done by passing metal pins through the skin, muscle and bone. At the same time a break is made in the bone. Once the frame is in place, the broken bone can… Continue...

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This resource is aimed at children aged 7 to 12 years old but may be found useful by anyone who is undergoing limb reconstruction surgery themselves or who knows somebody who is. It can be used to help you look at how you feel about the surgery and give you some ideas to help you… Continue...

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Children’s Orthopaedic surgery has many benefits but there is no certain way to predict the outcome of surgery or treatment. The following are some of the recognised complications and risks of any Orthopaedic treatment. There may be others but they are very rare. Complications related to the bone...

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Physiotherapy is a key part of what happens after your surgery. Physiotherapy will start the first day after surgery and will continue on a daily basis throughout your treatment. What do I need to do? During your stay on the ward you will need to complete these tasks with the therapist and on your...

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If your child is having limb reconstruction surgery, you and your child may be feeling apprehensive, excited, or confused. We hope to give you some idea of what is ahead of you as a family and how to cope with treatment. Every family is different and has its own way of dealing with things,...

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Introduction The limb reconstruction service provides treatments for children with limb discrepancies and deformities as well as restricted growth. Many of the operations we do rely upon the use of ‘external fixation devices’. From start to finish the whole process takes many months and we hope...

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Pin site care information for patients with external fixators If your treatment is to be a success it is essential that you keep your pin sites clean. If your pin sites become seriously infected your treatment may have to be stopped. At worst, a serious pin site infection can lead to...

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