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Information and support on chronic fatigue syndrome ME Action for ME Action for ME is the only charity in the UK supporting people with ME of all ages and our services have often been referred to as a ‘lifeline’ by those who have accessed them. NHS chronic fatigue syndrome ME NHS...

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This resource is for children who are attending the energy management service for chronic fatigue syndrome. Please download a blank energy management activity diary here. Why keep an activity diary? Keeping a record of what you do, when and for how long helps you look closely at your own lifestyle...

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What is fatigue? Fatigue is a feeling of extreme tiredness, exhaustion or lack of energy. It can happen even when someone person seems to be getting enough sleep. Fatigue is common in people with cancer, this is called cancer related fatigue. Up to 90 percent of people report feelings of fatigue,...

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Managing activity is an important part of living well with fatigue. It helps you to build a firm foundation for recovery. Why do I not have energy some days? Most people have days when they feel they can do more. Some days they may have more to do which mean they are more active than…...

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Problems with sleep are common for children and young people with chronic fatigue. This resource will give you some useful information and tips on how to manage your sleep as part of your energy management programme. Sleep is essential for your health and wellbeing. Sleep improves your energy, helps...

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What is chronic fatigue syndrome? Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is also known as ME (Myalgic Encepha-lomyelitis). You may have seen it written as CFS/ME. It is a chronic health condition, which cannot be helped by rest. How common is it? Around 50 to 100 in 100,000 children will have chronic...

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A resource by Crohn’s and Colitis UK about tiredness and fatigue.

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