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What is babbling and why is it important? From birth, babies make sounds like laughing, crying, and cooing. These early sounds start to change from around five months of age when the range of sounds increases, and consonant and vowel sounds are linked together to produce syllables like bababa and...

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National Deaf Society resource about what is deafness.

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Children with normal hearing in one ear only are able to access sounds in speech. Children with hearing that is normal in one ear only may still struggle to hear in certain situations, for example when localising sounds: locating which speaker is speaking in a group locating where a sound, such as...

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Hearing aids are an option to manage hearing loss for people who do not want to or cannot have surgery. This resource contains information about hearing aids to help you in choosing the right management option for your child. You will need to talk about the options available to your child with your...

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How Hearing Services are here for you during this assessment phase Your child has been referred for an assessment for a cochlear implant, but it is important you still attend all their hearing services appointments. Why do I need to attend Hearing Services now my child has been referred? The...

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Your child has now had their cochlear implants switched on. So what support can Hearing Services provide? The centre that provided your cochlear implant will continue to monitor your child’s hearing from now on. Hearing Services will not send routine appointments to be seen at Sheffield...

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What is unilateral hearing loss? This is when the hearing in one ear is normal but the hearing in the other ear is not. How will this affect my child? The good news is that most children with this sort of hearing loss manage very well. Speech and language usually develop in the normal way.…...

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