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The exercises in this booklet will be great to use with your child in many different situations. They can be done as part of their bedtime routine, before a hospital appointment, or during a procedure – anytime you feel appropriate. There is no right answer about when is the best time to do them....

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What is an exercise test? An exercise test gives us information on whether your lungs and heart are working as well as they should be when you are doing physical activity such as football, running or PE. There are three different types of exercise tests that the department perform: incremental...

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What is a full lung function test? This test consists of three different breathing tests: spirometry gas transfer body plethysmography The tests tell us how you inhale and exhale (breathe in and out), how much air you use and how well your lungs are working. We also measure the total volume of air...

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What is a complex exercise laryngoscopy test? Complex exercise laryngoscopy uses a tiny flexible camera to look at your throat and larynx (voice box) before and after exercise. We do this test to diagnose something called ‘exercise induced laryngeal obstruction’ (EILO). This means that your...

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Making time in the day to take a break from activities and help your body to relax is a helpful way in managing your condition. There are lots of different ways to relax and they take practice to do. Here are some ideas you might like to try. Good resting is about: setting aside regular…...

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How will you check that my baby is breathing? It can sometimes be hard work for your baby to get enough air in to breathe properly and provide their body with oxygen. This can be difficult when their airways are blocked with the sticky mucus that is caused by bronchiolitis. To check this, the...

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