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Please read the whole of this resource before starting a home introduction of well-cooked egg. This resource will guide you through introducing well-cooked egg at home. If your child has individual needs, your child’s dietitian or doctor will explain this for you. Many children with egg allergy...

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Resource Type: Article

What is omalizumab used for? Omalizumab can be used for when urticaria will not go away. Chronic urticaria is itchy hives or a nettle-sting like rash that lasts 6 weeks or more. There is no known cause. Treatments for this include antihistamines (such as cetirizine, loratadine, fexofenadine) and,...

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Please read the whole of this resource before starting a home introduction of baked egg. This resource should support you to do the baked egg introduction at home. This resource is only to be used as a guide. If your child has individual needs, your child’s dietitian or doctor will explain...

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A cow’s milk and soya free diet involves the complete avoidance of cow’s milk and soya milk. This will be necessary if your child has, or is suspected to have, a cow’s milk and soya intolerance or allergy. Infant formula derived from goat’s milk is not suitable for infants under 12 months of...

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This resource is to support parents and guardians to introduce a specific food for your child at home. This should only be used for foods which have been suggested by your child’s allergy doctor and should not be used for a food that your child is known to have an allergy to. Before introducing...

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Resource Type: Article

What happens after my child has had an unsuccessful food or medicine challenge? You need to stay on the ward for at least 2 hours after your child’s allergic reaction or until the allergy nurse and doctor are happy that they are well enough to go home. Once you are home, encourage them to...

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Essential information for children with nut allergies Your child must avoid all nuts completely. Always check the labels on foods, or ask if a product contains nut or unrefined nut oils. Nuts can be hidden in foods, food labels may not always be specific for example; ‘Arachis nut’ and...

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Egg allergy is most common in babies and young children under the age of 1. Around half of all children will outgrow their egg allergy by the time they are 3 years old and very few children still have an egg allergy after 6 years old. Sometimes egg allergy can carry on into adult life.…...

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Post challenge advice Please give your child mg/mls of once a day for the next days. In the event of delayed symptoms If there are any signs of delayed reaction, treat your child with antihistamine (chlorphenamine or cetirizine) and contact the allergy nurses, or if out of hours, contact the medical...

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Why do we challenge children to baked egg? Egg allergy is a reaction to one or more proteins found in eggs, usually in the white of the egg. Some children with an egg allergy are able to eat baked egg, for example in cookies or cake. This is because heating the egg proteins to a… Continue...

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