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Dennis has an anaesthetic from the Royal College of Anaesthetics helps children understand what it’s like to have a general anaesthetic, using familiar Beano characters to help reduce any anxiety they may have about surgery. Children aged 7 to 11 can accompany Dennis on a fun-filled journey as...

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Important information If your child has to go into hospital for an operation or procedure they may need to have a ‘general anaesthetic’. A general anaesthetic makes sure that your child is unconscious and free of pain during an operation or procedure. Having an anaesthetic is very safe,...

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Emergency, urgent, and trauma theatre list The EUT theatre list is for patients who need an operation very quickly. Your child has been added to this theatre list to have a procedure or operation under general anaesthetic. This means that they will be given medicine so that they are not awake for...

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Will my child be in pain after the procedure? There is usually some pain or discomfort in the first few days after an operation. How much pain your child is in, depends on the type of procedure they have had. The pain may not be too bad straight away, because of the medicines and anaesthetic…...

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It is very important that children are given regular painkillers after having a tonsillectomy, so that they can recover comfortably and begin to eat and drink normally as soon as possible. Here are some commonly asked questions and answers: Will my child experience a lot of pain? It is common for...

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Why does my child need this test? Your child needs this test so that the doctors can check the lining of the oesophagus, stomach and duodenum and also take biopsies to confirm or discount particular diagnoses. There is no other way to get such a clear idea of the condition of this part of...

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Unfortunately, waiting times have increased due to the COVID-19 social distancing restrictions necessary on the hospital site and because, during the pandemic, we have been providing extra support to other hospitals in the region. As a result, the number of patients we would normally see has been...

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We’ve got a special MRI scanner just for teddies so children can see what it’s like before they have a scan.

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