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This information is to help you understand the condition and what treatment and care your baby will have at Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust on the Neonatal Surgical Unit (NSU) and on the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). What is oesophageal atresia (OA) and tracheo-oesophageal...

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What is stoma re-feeding? Stoma re-feeding (also known as recycling) is the process of collecting stool (poo) from your baby’s functioning stoma (ileostomy or jejunostomy) and returning it back to your baby via their mucous fistula (non-functioning stoma). This may sound a little scary but...

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Welcome to NSU Welcome to the Neonatal Surgical Unit (known as NSU). On NSU we care for small and young babies who need specialist surgical and medical care by our dedicated team of professionals who are highly skilled, experienced and friendly. We understand having your baby on NSU may be...

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From your antenatal scans there are indications your baby may have a bowel atresia. This information is to help you understand the condition and what will usually happen to your baby if they are diagnosed with a bowel atresia (intestinal atresia), and are transferred to the Neonatal Surgical Unit...

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What is gastroschisis? Gastroschisis is rare. About 0.04 per cent of babies are born with this. Gastroschisis is an tummy wall defect which happens when a baby’s tummy does not develop fully, and there is a hole to the side of the umbilical cord. Some of your baby’s intestine will have come...

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