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Glossary of words you will hear in secondary school

A person in a circle, surrounded by hands which say ok, thumb up, thumb down, and question mark


How you are in school and whether you follow the rules. Behaviour can be good like listening well or bad like talking when the teacher is talking.

A square containing a knife, fork and plate of food

Canteen or dining hall

A place where you can go to eat your lunch or get a snack at break.

A group of people including one person in a wheelchair, outlined by a blue circle


All the people in your school are part of a group or community which are there to help each other.

A square containing a desktop computer, monitor and keyboard

Computing or information technology (IT) room

A place that has lots of computers.

A person with a hand over their mouth looking sorry


A consequence is what happens if you don’t follow the school rules.


A piece of paper with a numbered list on, next to teacher pointing at a board


What you will be taught in each lesson.

A square containing four people sat at school desks


When you may have to do extra work in your lunch hour or after school if you don’t follow the rules.

A green book. A page shows the letters ABCD to mean this book is a dictionary


A book in alphabetical order that contains a list of words and their meanings.

Person sat a school desk, writing on paper. Next to a tick, cross and exclamation


When you do some work on your own to check you understand it.

Blue book with ring binding - a school exercise book

Exercise book

A book that you can write and draw in.


House shape containing music note, table tennis paddle and two people

Extra-curricular activities or after school club

Optional things that you can do before school, at lunch-time and after school such as football practice or book club.


Square containing bank notes and coins

Finance Office

A place you go to sort money for example, to pay for trips or sort problems with dinner money.

Person pointing to board which has sums and letters on. This person is a teacher.

Form tutor

A teacher that you see every day for registration.

Square containing swing, ball and person balancing on a beam

Gym or sports hall

A place where you can play sports inside.

A hand with its palm up, holding a person

Head of year

A member of staff who looks after all the young people in one year group.

A blue circle containing a person sat at a table writing on paper


Work that you have to do at home.

One person helping another with something being written down on paper

Learning mentor

A person in school that might give you some extra help in class and outside of class.

A teacher pointing to a board with pupils watching the board


A time when teachers talk to you and tell you about a particular subject.

Square containing a green book


A room that has lots of books. It is usually quiet. It might have some computers too.

Piece of paper with the word margins pointing to the space at each side


The space that you leave at the side of the page when you write.


Square containing a medical green cross

Medical room

A place where you can go if you are feeling unwell or need to see the school nurse.


A menu with a plate of food and cutlery at the top


A list of food you can look at to pick your dinner. You might pay by using your thumb or a card.

A big yellow star


A reward for good work or good behaviour.

A teacher pointing to a board with pupils watching the board


A time when teachers talk to you and tell you about a particular subject.

An open book with times of the day written on each page


A book that is like a diary with the days of the week and months of the year.

Person writing at a desk with two arrows above them curving around top to right


When you go back through your books to make sure you can remember what you have learnt.


Square containing a bunsen burner a beaker and a test tube holding green liquid

Science lab

A place where you may go to have a science lesson. Worktops usually have gas taps on them.


Person sitting at table with a thought bubble, they are reading a piece of paper

Student or pupil

Someone who goes to school to learn.

Square containing person using a computer

Student services or student admin

A place where you go if you have a problem, can’t find your room or need help with something.

Blue book with a picture on the front of a school - a textbook


A book that you look at to give you information about your lessons.

A weekly calendar with days of the week in a table and dots on each day


A piece of paper that tells you what day your lessons are. It will also tell you what time the lesson starts, which room it’s in and which teacher will take the lesson.

The letter U with a line underneath


To draw a line under some writing, usually the title of your work.

Trousers, a green jumper with a yellow badge and a green and yellow striped tie


Clothes that everybody has to wear to school for example white shirt and tie or school jumper, blazer and black trousers. It can include what you have to wear for PE.


A vending machine with a keypad, coin slot and different coloured items inside

Vending machine

A machine where you can buy things such as drinks or snacks.

Person with an open mouth, a speech bubble, an exclamation inside a red triangle

Verbal warning

When a teacher tells you that you have broken a rule in school so you know not to do it again.

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