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Fat exchange list

Amounts of fat per portion and per 100g for controlled fat intake

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  • Aim to give g fat daily using the following portion guide.
  • Encourage MCT fat
  • Continue fat-soluble vitamin supplements and EFAs as required

 Meat and meat substitutes

Food Portion Fat per portion Fat per 100g
Chicken (no skin) Half small chicken breast (50g) 0.5g 1.1g
Turkey (no skin) 1 thin slice (25g) 0.5g 2.33g
Lean beef or pork mince Small portion (30g) 1.5g 5g
White fish Half small fillet (50g) 0.3g 0.6g
Quorn pieces Small portion (50g) 1.3g 2.6g
Quorn mince Small portion (50g) 1g 2g
Quorn sausages 1 sausage 4.3g 11.1g
Tofu 50g portion 1.25g 2.5g

 Milk and dairy

Food Portion Fat per portion Fat per 100g
Semi-skimmed milk 100ml portion 1.8g 1.8g
Soya milk 100ml portion 1.9g 1.9g
Light soya milk 100ml portion 1.2g 1.2g
‘Growing up’ soya milk 100ml portion 2.2g 2.2g
Oat milk 100ml portion 1.5g 1.5g
Almond milk 100ml portion 1.1g 1.1g
Coconut milk unsweetened 100ml portion 1.6g 1.6g
Rice milk

*Not suitable under 5 years of age

100ml portion 1g 1g
‘Eat Lean’ protein cheese 3g
Cottage cheese 1 tablespoon (40g) 2.2g 5.6g
Ice cream (vanilla) 1 scoop (40g) 1.9g 4.7g
Milk chocolate 1 square dairy milk 1.5g 30g
Natural yoghurt 1 tablespoon (40g) 1.8g 4.5g
Low-fat yoghurt 1.4g

 Bread and crackers

Food Portion Fat per portion Fat per 100g
White bread 1 medium slice (35g) 0.8g 2.2g
Wholemeal bread 1 medium slice (35g) 1g 2.9g
Chapati Half chapatti (30g) 1.3g 4.4g
Crumpet 1 whole (40g) 0.4g 1g
French bread 2-inch slice (40g) 0.5g 1.36g
Rice cakes 1 rice cake (7g) 0.2g 3.1g
Ryvita 1 slice (10g) 0.2g 1.7g

 Pasta, rice and grains

Food Portion Fat per portion Fat per 100g
Wholewheat boiled pasta such as penne, spaghetti and so on 1 tablespoon (30g) 0.24g 0.8g
Boiled ‘easy cook’ white rice 1 heaped tablespoon (40g) 0.4g 1g
Boiled ‘easy cook’ brown rice 1 heaped tablespoon (40g) 1.1g 2.8g
Egg noodles 1 tablespoon (30g) 0.7g 2.3g

 Flours and cereals

Food Fat per 100g
White flour 1.3g
Wholemeal flour 2.3g

Breakfast cereals

Food Portion Fat per portion Fat per 100g
Cornflakes Small bowl or variety pack (20g) 0.2g 0.9g
Rice Krispies Small bowl or variety pack (20g) 0.2g 1.2g
Weetabix 1 biscuit (20g) 0.4g 2g
Malted wheats Small bowl/variety pack (20g) 0.4g 1.8g


Food Portion Fat per portion Fat per 100g
Baked beans in tomato sauce 1 tablespoon (40g) 0.2g 0.52g
Chickpeas, boiled 1 heaped tablespoon (35g) 1g 2.9g
Peas, boiled 1 tablespoon (30g) 0.5g 1.6g
Sweetcorn 1 tablespoon (30g) 0.6g 1.9g


Food Portion Fat per portion Fat per 100g
Oven-baked crisps 25g pack 3.4g 13.5g
Rice cakes 6.7g (1 rice cake) 1.7g 3.1g
Popcorn 14g pack 3.2g 23.4g

MCT fat options

Food Portion Fat per portion
MCT oil 5g 5g
Liquigen 10ml 5g
MCT Procal 8g (Half sachet) 5g
Betaquik 25ml 5g

 Please check labels as fat contents can vary between brands and manufacturers.

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Please note: this is a generic information sheet relating to care at Sheffield Children’s NHS FT. These details may not reflect treatment at other hospitals. This information is not intended as a substitute for professional medical care. Always follow your healthcare professionals’ instructions. If this resource relates to medicines, please read it alongside the medicine manufacturer’s patient information leaflet. If this information has been translated into another language from English, efforts have been made to maintain accuracy, but there may still be some translation errors. If you are unsure about any of the guidance in this resource or have specific questions about how it relates to your child, always ask your healthcare professional for further advice.

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