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Intramedullary means ‘within the bone’. An intramedullary nail goes into the bone to align and stabilise the breaks (fractures). The nails we use are either Fitbone or Precice. The surgeon will discuss which one will be the most suitable to use for your child. They lengthen the bone from the...

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Most children are able to return to school after surgery and this is something we encourage to stop them from missing too much school time and minimise disruption to your child’s education. To make sure your child has a smooth return to school we would advise you to speak to your child’s ‘form...

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This resource is aimed at children aged 7 to 12 years old but may be found useful by anyone who is undergoing limb reconstruction surgery themselves or who knows somebody who is. It can be used to help you look at how you feel about the surgery and give you some ideas to help you… Continue...

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Physiotherapy is a key part of what happens after your surgery. Physiotherapy will start the first day after surgery and will continue on a daily basis throughout your treatment. What do I need to do? During your stay on the ward you will need to complete these tasks with the therapist and on your...

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The ‘FITBONE ® Nail’ is a very clever metal rod that is inserted into a bone and used to lengthen it. It is similar to the precice limb lengthening. Below shows an example of a girl who had her right thigh bone lengthened using a FITBONE nail.            ...

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If your child is having limb reconstruction surgery, you and your child may be feeling apprehensive, excited, or confused. We hope to give you some idea of what is ahead of you as a family and how to cope with treatment. Every family is different and has its own way of dealing with things,...

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We’ve got a special MRI scanner just for teddies so children can see what it’s like before they have a scan.

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