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This resource contains information for carers of children with a severe bleeding disorder. For example, severe haemophilia A, B, other severe factor deficiencies and platelet disorders like Glanzmann’s thrombasthenia. How to recognise a possible brain bleed You have been told that your child has a...

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Name: DOB: Haemolysis: Compensated/Uncompensated Results (steady state): Hb (g/dI) Retic Count (x109/I) Blood Group: What is hereditary spherocytosis? As the name implies, hereditary spherocytosis (or HS) is an inherited disorder where the red blood cells have an abnormal shape. Normal red cells...

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What happens after treatment? The most important side effect that your child’s treatment causes is bone marrow suppression. This means that the normal activity of the bone marrow is reduced. The bone marrow’s purpose is to produce cells. These cells are white cells, red cells and platelets....

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What is the Yorkshire Register? A collection of information about children and young people with cancer. Our register is only for people who live in Yorkshire but there is also one that covers all of England. Why do we need Cancer Registers? They let us know how many new cancers there are and where...

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What is the Yorkshire Register? The Yorkshire Register is a collection of information on children and young people who are diagnosed with cancer and certain benign conditions. It allows us to know how many children and young people are being diagnosed with cancer in this area. This information is...

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Name: DOB: Blood Group: Consultant: Results (steady state): Hb (g/dI) Retic Count (x109/I) What is G6PD? G6PD is short for glucose 6 Phosphate Dehydrogenase. It is an enzyme which is found throughout the body. Some people have an inherited deficiency of G6PD, which results in low levels of the...

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Background The blood contains tiny cells called platelets, which help to prevent bruising and bleeding. If there are not enough platelets in your blood, cuts in your skin can carry on bleeding longer than usual, your gums can bleed when you clean your teeth and you can bruise without even being...

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